Dr. Yoram Braw

  • Research Focus:

    • The laboratory’s researchers aim to extend accumulated knowledge on the utility and validity of neuropsychological assessments in two domains: 

      • Development and research of innovative techniques for the detection of feigned cognitive impairment. This research branch of the laboratory aims to tackle the significant medical, legal, social, and financial costs of the phenomena in clinical and forensic settings. 

      • The laboratory’s researchers investigate neuropsychological deficits among psychiatric patients. This research branch of the laboratory focuses mainly on executive functioning and insight of affective disorder patients.  

  • Methodologies used:

    • Eye tracking

    • Psycho-physiological measures (e.g., measures of pain and response time)

    • Computerized cognitive assessment batteries

  • Study groups:

    • Healthy participants 

    • Neuro-psychiatric population groups (i.e., patients with a history of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), neurodevelopmental disorders)

  • Former Chairman, The Department of Behavioral Sciences / Psychology

  • Chair, Laboratory for Forensic and Clinical Neuropsychology

Phone: +972-54-8132604

Website: http://www.ariel.ac.il/sites/yoram-braw

Email: yoramb@ariel.ac.il

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