• Research Questions

    • What is the role of  microRNAs in  tau gene regulation?

    • What is mechanism of action of MicroRNAs in tau expression and function?

    • Development of diagnostic tools for identification of Alzheimer disease and taupaties by using MicroRNAs profiles.

  • Methodologies used

    • In vito  and  in vivo analysis

    • Molecular biology and  Biochemical methods

    • High-throughput methods: transcriptomics

    • Bioinformatic  analysis to identification of mircoRNA profiles

    • Validation  analsysis using qRT-PCR (normal versus pateints)

  • Keywords

    • Alzheimer disease, Tau, microRNAs, neurodegenerative diseases, mRNA

  • Head, Laboratory of Cell Polarity and Aging, Department of Molecular Biology

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