The Integrative Brain Science Center – Ariel (IBSCA), as a multidisciplinary research, academic and educational center, unites more than twenty laboratories and groups having wide research interests in different fields of the brain sciences across all departments and faculties at the Ariel University. The IBSCA was established in June 2007 at the Ariel University of Samaria by Prof. Ester Frida (RIP) and Prof. Albert Pinhasov. From the day first of the establishment, IBSCA has been inspired with a true collaborative spirit. Impetuous advancement of high technology based modern neuroscience during the last decade introduced new challenges to IBSCA, pushing need for interdisciplinary cooperation beyond the boundaries. In parallel to traditional frameworks of activity of IBSCA to facilitate fundamental research, in light of contemporary needs IBSCA aims to encourage, link and closely integrate fundametal and applicative fields of neuroscience with strong accent on clinical, healthcare, medical engineering fields. Implementation of cutting-edge technologies, recruitment of top-notch young scientists will have a lion share in achievement of this goal. In addition to strong accent on research, the IBSCA will greatly facilitate training and education of the generations of future neuroscientists, assembling new programs in neurobiology for under-, graduated and postgraduated students. Management of IBSCA is also committed to the community, increasing public awareness in regards to neuroscience, various types of neurological, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, about the ways of their prevention and treatment. One of the major challenge of IBSCA is to expose the Ariel University to the world class scientific community and top level education centers, to develop research collaboration, applicative cooperation activity and expand graduate and post-graduates exchange program. We, in IBSCA, sincerely believe in our essential mission in the advancement Israeli and world science and education, and we will endeavor to work hard for success in this direction.

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