• Research Questions

    • Prof. Baranes and his research team have developed a breakthrough method for tissue regeneration which is based on a unique scaffold made of skeleton of marine corals, which has the capacity to nurture neural cells. This capability empowers the scaffold to support and promote survival and growth of neurons and glial cells, as well as stem cells, to form healthy and endurable nervous tissues.

  • Methodologies used

    • Molecular Biology

    • Optical Imaging

    • Behavioral Neuroscience

    • Transcriptomics 

    • Bioinformatics

    • Biochemical methods

    • Tissue cultures

  • Keywords

    • regeneration, corals, TBI, primary neurons, neurospheres 

  • Head, Department Molecular Biology

  • Coordinator, B.Sc. Neuroscience Study Program

  • Head, Laboratory of Regenerative Neurobiology

Phone: +972-3-614-3068

Website: http://www.ariel.ac.il/sites/dannyb

Email: dannyb@ariel.ac.il

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