Brain Aware Program for General Public and High School Students

Dr. I. Michaelevski is the Program Coordinator

This Program is currently under development.


Despite easily accessible information and multiplicity of sources, delivery of the information is caleidoscopic, logically not linked and sometimes misleading. IBSCA aims to increase awareness of brain and the neural system in general, improve understanding of the role of science, its methods for support of public health, for improvement of life quality and extension longevity. 

This program is designed for promotion of the brain science, problems of aging related diseases in high school students, as well as for popularization of neuroscience in the general public, even to provide some clinical knowledge to the general population for bettern understanding of their health status. Several popular programs will be prepared. As prototype program follow:

  1. Wonders of the brain

  2. Brain over evolution and different types of animals

  3. Brain as a biological computer

  4. Brain and emotions

  5. How the brain does learns?

  6. Ill brain: Whys? Hows? Whats?

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