Prof. Albert Pinhasov

  • Research Questions

    • Unrevealing of molecular mechanisms underlying social behavior.

    • Molecular biology of depressive and anxiety disorders.

    • What is the role of personality in stress-induced drug dependency

    • How interplay aging-related cognitive impairments and depression? – in collaboration with Prof. Izhak Michaelevski

    • How resilience and sensitivity to stress influence on ageing and related cognitive impairments

    • Identifying at-risk populations for maladaptive response to prenatal stress

    • Assessing the link between the gut microbiome and behavior using a mouse model of dominance and submissiveness. In collaboration with Prof. Shiri Navon-Venezia

  • Methodologies used

    • Molecular Neuroscience

    • Optical Imaging

    • Behavioral Neuroscience

    • Transcriptomics, Bioinformatics

    • Biochemical methods

  • Keywords

    • Social Behavior, Dominance, Submissiveness, Drug addiction, Stress adaptation, HPA axis activity, Glucocorticoids, Microbiome

  • Courses for Advanced Neuroscience Study

    • Molecular Mechanisms of Mental Diseases

Phone: +972 3 9066 290



  • Rector, Ariel University

  • Co-Founder, The Integrative Brain Science Center – Ariel (IBSCA)

  • Head, Laboratory of Behavioral & Molecular Psychiatry

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